Physical Health 

Mental Health




Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is personal – meeting your needs and aspirations. Empowering you with courage and motivation for growth in your health & wellbeing. Sessions are held online.


  • Diabetes management.
  • Obesity management.
  • Weight Management.
  • Reducing Hypertension.
  • Arthritis or chronic pain management.
  • Mindfulness skills training.
  • Reducing stress, worry, anxiety and fear.
  • Reducing depression or low mood by up to 50%.

I look forward to my hourly sessions with Jakki so much as it’s such a positive and uplifting experience. Jakki is so patient and supportive. She will skilfully tailor your sessions to make them personal to your wellbeing needs. I immediately began to notice a significant improvement in my wellbeing and how mindfulness can enhance your life. Jakki’s sessions represent excellent value for money. I will be forever grateful to her for her ongoing support, especially at such a difficult time. Thank you, Jakki!


School Teacher, October 2020

The happiness and inner peace we seek does not come from the attainment of things. It arises from within.

Eckhart Tolle.

Wellness Coaching

Behaviour change starts with awareness, it is a process, not an outcome. Long-lasting change comes from within.  Sessions are 1 hour.

  • SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound).
  • Tailored to your values and health needs.
  • Motivation to change long-term.

1:1 single session £30

Block of 6 sessions £165


Mindfulness Coaching

Beginners Mind: Learn to Meditate and Be Mindful. Ground yourself in the present moment with a calm and curious mind.  Sessions are 1 hour.

  • Awareness V’s Living in Our Heads
  • Gathering the Scattered Mind
  • Exploring Difficulty – Letting Be
  • Resilience and Self-Care

1:1 Block of 4 sessions £108

2:1 Block of 4 sessions £150

1:1 8-Week MBCT Course £240