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“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

Jon Kabat – Zinn


Courses, Coaching and Classes

Mindfulness Courses

8-Week MBCT Course

Beginners Mind: Learn to Meditate & Be Mindful.

Online mindfulness courses. Available either as a group or one to one.

Venue: ONLINE via Zoom

Personal Wellness & Mindfulness Coaching

Change starts with awareness. Changing habits and shifting mindset is notoriously difficult to do. Personal coaching empowers you with awareness and motivation to make changes that stick.

Online Drop-in Sessions

Meditation and mindfulness skills help us stay grounded and keep a cool head amidst all the difficulties and challenges. Relax and free yourself from the grip of excessive worry, stress or anxiety. No experience necessary, an opportunity to unwind and restore.

Through mindfulness and meditation I found new ways/tools to better understand and manage my reactions to feelings and emotions. I have a new perspective and improved self-awareness.

February 2021


Vice President, Cenduit

We really enjoyed our mindfulness session with Jakki. It was so nourishing…I felt really strong and energised after. I found it so helpful and would definitely recommend.

June 2020


Performance & Lifestyle Coach, GBR Gymnastics

Never before has the ability to quieten the racing mind been more important. Please keep doing what you do so well and keep us in tune in both body and mind.

April 2020


The course has been life-changing and demonstrated that change is not only possible, but achievable. I now feel more confident of myself for the future. Life looks brighter. Thank you.

January 2020