Never before has the ability to quieten the racing mind been more important. Keep doing what you do so well, keeping us in tune with body and mind. Thank you Jakki.

May 2020



Over the 8 weeks I have felt a big improvement in my state of mind. Understanding of the kind of thoughts I’m having and how to better deal with them. Now I deal with situations in a much calmer way whilst also being kind to myself.

November 2019



I am not only able to cope with life, stress and my thoughts running away with me, but I am able to be less critical of myself, take care of myself and above all enjoy life so much better. To recognize thoughts are not facts has had a huge impact on my well-being and my ability to be happy. Thank you Jakki.

January 2020



This course, run by Jakki – a calm, patient leader – has been one of the best things I have done. I came away with the tools to help me deal better with life’s difficult moments. Since finishing the course, I continue to practice Mindfulness and find that I am now less likely to react to situations with irritation or mild panic, responding instead in a more rational manner. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

April 2019



Having recently experienced anxiety levels rising I was in need of a bit of healing and guidance. Coming on the course has taught me how to respond and not react which has allowed me to see a calmer version of myself. Thank you.

June 2019



I have battled with anxiety all of my life and have been taking medication on-and-off for quite a few years. I found Jakki’s course extremely helpful and enjoyable. Jakki is lovely and has an very calming demeanour. The course has taught me to give time for myself, to embrace stressful situations instead of backing away as I have more more control of my emotions. I now feel ready to decrease my medication as I think I have enough ‘tools’ to deal with situations that arise. I highly recommend this course. It takes a high level of commitment but is extremely rewarding and well worth the effort.

November 2018