Jakki Pritchard

Registered Health Coach
Listed Mindfulness Teacher

It is imperative that mindfulness teachers are appropriately trained to do the work they are doing – they are working with an organ of extraordinary complexity and power: the human mind (Baer & Kuyken, 2016).

I am a listed mindfulness teacher with The UK Mindfulness Network / BAMBA. I am also fully registered as a member of the Association for Coaching & The British Psychological Society as a Health Coach. With a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology I specialise in health behaviour change and have worked within the field of health, wellbeing and fitness for nearly twenty years.

I work within the community, businesses and schools. Presenting  at conferences and delivering workshops and courses on mindfulness and aspects of health and wellbeing. During the Covid-19 pandemic it was an honour to work with some of the Olympic and Paralympic teams to assist them in navigating their way through this challenging time.

I worked as a Master Tutor for twelve years in diabetes, obesity management and health behaviour change for a leading fitness education training provider.

Working also for the University of Nottingham on an International Study for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes through Lifestyle Intervention (PREVIEW).

I regularly and passionately teach group exercise fitness including Fitness Yoga to complement my mindfulness practice.

Mindful Journey

I discovered mindfulness, specifically, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, over six years ago. Having spent so many years helping people manage their health through physical training I was intrigued, and naturally drawn to this mind and body approach.

Over time, interest and curiosity evolved into a deep connection and passion. Mindfulness has since become, not only a daily practice and an awakening but a pathway to living and a purpose too. I have developed a strong interest in understanding and learning the deepest level of teaching mindfulness through its roots in Buddhism and how this intertwines with modern Psychology and Neuroscience.

Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher

In 2017 I enrolled on a twelve-month MBCT Mindfulness Teacher Training course with The Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. Whilst equipping me with skills to teach the 8-week MBCT course in line with the UK Mindfulness Network CIC “Good Practice Guidelines”, this was the deepest, most enlightening, challenging and life-changing journey I have ever embarked upon.
I am listed on the UK Mindfulness Network and in order to continue to meet the high quality standards and “Good Practice Guidelines” set by the UK Network, supervision, annual residential retreats and mindfulness teacher masterclasses at Oxford University Centre for Mindfulness are now part of my journey and path as a mindfulness teacher.


My vision is to bring mindfulness to mainstream health and wellbeing.  For ordinary people leading busy lives and who may sometimes struggle.

To help with all aspects of life, whether it be stress, anxiety, mood or reaching personal fitness potential, goals and healthy eating.

Mindfulness is a life tool for managing our mental health. We spend so much time and energy managing our health through physical fitness, this is mental fitness for brain and body.

Mindfulness allows us to be kinder to ourselves, have a deeper relationship with others and reach our full living potential in this precious life.