Jakki Pritchard

Registered Health Coach
Listed Mindfulness Teacher

It is imperative that mindfulness teachers are appropriately trained to do the work they are doing – they are working with an organ of extraordinary complexity and power: the human mind (Baer & Kuyken, 2016).

I am a listed mindfulness teacher with BAMBA. I am also fully registered as a member of the Association for Coaching & The British Psychological Society as a Health Coach. I specialise in health behaviour change and have worked within the field of health, well-being and fitness for nearly twenty years.

I work within the community, with sports teams, schools and businesses. Presenting  at conferences and delivering workshops / courses on mindfulness and well-being. During the Covid-19 pandemic it was an honour to work with some of the Olympic and Paralympic teams to assist them in navigating their way through this challenging time.

For twelve years I worked as a Master Tutor in diabetes and obesity management for a leading health and fitness training provider. Also for the University of Nottingham on a three year International Study for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes through Lifestyle Intervention (PREVIEW). 

I continue to passionately teach group exercise classes including Fitness Yoga to train mind and body fitness.

Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher

After discovering a deep passion for mindfulness many years ago, in 2017 I enrolled on a twelve-month MBCT Mindfulness Teacher Training course with The Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. Whilst equipping me with skills to teach the 8-week MBCT course in line with BAMBA “Good Practice Guidelines”, this was the deepest, most enlightening, challenging and life-changing journey I have ever embarked upon. I am proud to be listed with BAMBA on this lifelong training journey.


My vision is to help people maximise their physical and mental well-being. To feel strong, confident, joyful, healthy and happy. To help people learn to love themselves and create time for self-care.