Health Coaching: Wellness, Mindfulness, Motivation.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Eckhart Tolle

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching offers motivational and powerful benefits for personal growth, health & wellbeing. Empower your mind and body to reach your full potential. Reignite your true self.

  • Healthy behaviour change is making changes that stick.
  • Diabetes, obesity and weight manangement.
  • Igniting motivation and self- determination.
  • Setting and achieving health goals.
  • Shifting from self-criticism to self-kindness.
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs such as unworthiness, feelings of falling short, not doing enough.
  • Embracing imperfection.
  • Freeing yourself from stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Reducing depression or low mood by up to 50%.
  • Building resilience and inner strength.

The happiness and inner peace we seek does not come from the attainment of things. It arises from within. Eckhart Tolle

Motivational Coaching

True long-lasting change comes from within. Be empowered. Grow self-determination and inner commitment. Using the well established psychological “Stages of Change” model together we will make change happen and make it stick. Transform your physical and mental well-being. Sessions are 1 hour.


Single Session  £35
Block of 4 £120


Mindfulness Coaching

Learn to ground yourself in the present moment with a calm and curious mind. Become less reactive and learn new ways to respond to difficult mind states, thoughts, emotions and situations with greater kindness and resilience. Sessions are 1 hour.

  • Training Awareness V’s Living in Our Heads.
  • Gathering the Scattered Mind & Letting Go.
  • Working with Difficulty – Allowing Things to be as They Are.
  • Resilience & Self-Care.


1:1 Single Session £30
1:1 Block of 4 £115
2:1 Single Session £50
2:1 Block of 4 £170£


1:1 8- week MBCT £245
2:1 8-week MBCT £500

Total Wellbeing Transformation

Body and mind are one. Whether you are changing behaviour for health reasons, such a being overweight or diabetic, or whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression. Or perhaps you are training for a specific sporting event, such as running a marathon. 

Total wellbeing is a powerful package combining all the elements of motivation, mindfulness, nutrition and physical activity for personal growth, inner strength, progress, self-care and fearlessness.

Using mindfulness to be aware of our habits, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hinder our aspirations. By shifting your mindset we instil motivation to change, driven by your values, your goals to build confidence, strength and stamina. By fuelling the body-mind with energy and power.

  • Weekly motivational coaching and support.
  • 12 weeks of mindfulness skills training.
  • Healthy diet advice and guidance.
  • 12 week physical training plan.
  • Working with difficulties: Allowing things to be as they are.
  • Thoughts are not Facts. Recognizing thoughts as mental events in the mind.
  • Building resilience and self-care.


1:1 Block of 12 £550
2:1   £850



I decided to have a taster session with Jakki at the start of lockdown, as I’d never really done any mindfulness before. I enjoyed my first meditation experience so much that I decided to book some weekly online 1-2-1 sessions. I completed the 8 week course, but I found it so beneficial to my wellbeing that I wasn’t ready to stop, so I signed up for another 8 week course. I look forward to my hourly sessions with Jakki so much as it’s such a positive and uplifting experience. Jakki is so patient and supportive. She will skilfully tailor your sessions to make them personal to your wellbeing needs. The home practices she sends each week to accompany the sessions are fantastic and easily allow you to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. I immediately began to notice a significant improvement in my wellbeing and I can see how mindfulness can enhance your life. I believe that investment in your mental health is fundamentally important and Jakki’s sessions represent excellent value for money. I will be forever grateful to her for her ongoing support, especially at such a difficult time nationally as well as for me personally. Thank you, Jakki!

Gemma Wilson

West Bridgford

How and Where?

Coaching sessions are currently being held online over Skype or Zoom. This avenue for delivery works extremely well and does not detract from practice or the skills you will learn. There is a sense of ease in being able to connect from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.