Beginners Mind: 4 Week Course.

Tuesday 19th Jan – 9th Feb. 6.30-7.30pm on Zoom.

Learn to meditate and be mindful. Meditation and mindfulness have never been more important for calming our restless and worried minds. To give us a sense of grounding into the present moment, when everything else can feel so overwhelming and off balance. On this introductory course you will learn the calming skill of meditation & bring mindfulness into your daily life with ease to lift well-being. These scientifically proven tools significantly reduce stress, anxiety and low mood.

This nourishing course emphasises awareness, self-care and inner strength (resilience). Through building meditation & mindfulness skills over the 4 weeks, you will gain greater awareness of your emotions / moods as they arise and be able to respond to them more skilfully. Meditation changes how the brain responds to stress & anxiety. The brain becomes less reactive, we feel calmer and more able to manage daily life. The ability to recognise habitual thoughts patterns, such as worry, or limiting beliefs such as “not being good enough”, self-doubt that hinder our wellbeing and relationships, allows us to untangle all the knots we tie ourselves in. The course empowers you to be less harsh and more kind to yourself. Over the 4-weeks we develop greater awareness & resolve (a sense of having your own back) for the year ahead by recognising the the inner critic, quietening the mind and turning towards difficulties with compassion, acceptance and calmness. Course includes free daily practises.

Cost: £45 (normally £95). A minimum of 3 people is required. If you would like to do the course on a “one to one” basis, please get in touch.

Meditation & Mindfulness Drop-in Sessions

Give yourself some space and time to breathe. Be warmly welcomed into these informal and friendly sessions which are an opportunity to experience meditation and mindfulness in a safe, calm and non-judgemental environment. Be gently guided through meditation, no experience is necessary. Discover the powerful and life-changing skills of mindfulness to free yourself from stress, low mood, anxiety and the worries of daily life. Unwind your mind, feel calmer and more peaceful.