I have battled with anxiety all of my life and have been taking medication on-and-off for quite a few years. I found Jakki’s course extremely helpful as well as enjoyable. Jakki herself is lovely and has an very calming demeanour. The course has taught me to give time for myself and to embrace stressful situations instead of backing away and putting them off. It has given me more control of my emotions. I now feel ready to decrease my medication as I think I have enough ‘tools’ to deal with situations that arise.

I highly recommend this course. It takes a high level of commitment but is extremely rewarding and well worth the effort.

Angela Hogarth


I looked forward to every Tuesday evening of the eight week course – a very welcome chance to have head space to myself in a peaceful setting.
Jakki was a patient, approachable, helpful, insightful coach and guided us through the course expertly.
Since practising mindfulness I can effectively eliminate the physical symptoms of stress and I’ve noticed my concentration has improved.

Jane Hannington

West Bridgford

Like everyone, sometimes a busy life with the demands of family, friends and work gets on top of me and takes its toll on my health and mood. Having completed the course and grasped the concept and potential, it has definitely helped me to feel calmer, improved my resilience and take a step back from things before being so reactive! It will certainly be something that I recommend to other people.

Jeanette Everington


I have really enjoyed Jakki’s mindfulness course – it has given me a self-awareness and ability to deal with stressful situations in a new and different way. The course is very well structured and organised. It is easy to see the progression from week to week and each session was different. Weekly information sheets for preparation and an app to follow really helped and since I have finished the course I look through these again and use them for practice. This course needs commitment – it is not just learning; to appreciate the huge benefits of mindfulness, practice is really important.

Carla O'Brien


I would highly recommend the 8 week mindfullness course that Jakki runs. Over the 8 weeks she guided us through exercises and approaches that help you recognise and acknowledge our thoughts and feelings as they happen without dwelling on our usual reactions. I personally found the course incredibly useful as a way to recognise my triggers and stresses and ways to acknowledge and push through them without being too hard on myself.

Laura Grabowski


I wanted to do the mindfulness course to help deal with stress and in the hope it would help me sleep better. Like many people I constantly try to juggle work and family life and in doing so I have not always looked after myself. Jakki’s course was just what I needed to teach me everything I need to know about mindfulness and how I can build it into my every day life. The course is very well structured with a different theme each week. As the course develops you really start to feel the benefits and it is interesting to share experiences with the rest of the group. The materials and the guided practices provided are helping me to continue with my practice after completing the course. I will definitely be attending her workshops in the future. Thanks for everything Jakki.

Ann-Marie Bowman


I’d heard a lot of people say how mindfulness had helped them so I decided to give it a go. I was curious and skeptical at first but that soon changed as I saw benefits really quickly! Over the 8 weeks the course taught me to think about things in a different way and develop a toolbox of strategies to put into place. Jakki was really helpful and patient, taking the time to explain everything clearly in a calming, friendly and positive environment.

My favourite part of the course is that there is no right or wrong way to do things or practice mindfulness, it’s all about finding what works for you. Everyone had a different experience and having the opportunity to discuss this each week with the rest of the group was really insightful

Laura P