One to One Coaching

Unique time for you.

Learn mindfulness meditation or continue your journey of self discovery in privacy.

In peace and calm be guided by your teacher.

The Benefits of Coaching

One to one coaching can be hugely beneficial and calming for your wellbeing.

If you are new to mindfulness meditation you will be guided gently through the meditative journey with ease and compassion. One to one sessions provide huge benefits for personal growth and enable you to work on areas of your life you feel are hindering you. To build resilience, joy, self-confidence and positivity. To rediscover your true self.

Areas to work with include being too hard on yourself, pushing too hard, fear of failure, anxiety, feeling out of control and reactive. One to one mindfulness sessions can help to relight the inner flicker into a flame and be calmer, brighter and feel more alive. 

Maintaining Your Mindfulness Journey

Life is busy and so fast. Sometimes we just don’t manage to fit meditation in at home with all the daily distractions and demands that pull us in every direction. Meditation can feel difficult when the mind is busy and there are so many other commitments and priorities pulling for our attention. Stepping outside of the busyness for a little while can hugely benefit our wellbeing and give us a wider, calmer perspective to cope with the demands of daily life.

Coming to a place of calm and tranquillity, to be guided by your teacher, can be just the tonic to give us the space to breathe, the space to feel and the chance to pause we so often need.

Where Are the Sessions Held?

The sessions are held in Ruddington in the peaceful space of Hobbit Cottage. There is parking immediately outside. An easy, calm and charming space to ground yourself and be completely at ease.

Mindfulness in the Comfort of Home.

For local residents or residents of neighbouring villages, there is the opportunity to have one to one sessions, or sessions for you and your partner or family in the comfort of your own home. A small travel charge may be be added if required.

Get in touch to find out more.


What is the Cost?

In need of some time to nourish your health and wellbeing?

A single 55 minute 1:1 session is £30.

A single 55 minute session for a couple is £40.

There is something about the everydayness of mindfulness, just like exercise, to keep our mental and physical fitness in shape. A block of sessions can really help to re-connect with practice and to begin to build it in to our daily / weekly routine. To become part of our life. Part of who we are.

A block of 4 – 1:1 sessions is £115.

A block of 4 – 2:1 sessions is £150.